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Truss constructions


Here is a prototype of a truss model, the plates are slefbuilt and have about 20 x 80mm.
They offer unidiktional fiber orientation and have a maximum bending strength.
I can build the classical truss construction with milled parts and round carbon truss tubes and as on the other pictures  i can build a solid tube and cut out some material to make a round truss. This scopes are the stiffest and lightest on the market i think. It is not possible to bring down the weight that much with another construction.
The "cut out tube"  can still be mounted with clambs if you need but is although stiff enough for direct mounting. As all tubes this tube can be made partable to make the transport more easy. For example the tube with the bags ( payload 200kg or 400 pounds) is a tube with 459mm inside diameter and 1800mm length (16" f5 mirror) and has a weight of under 7kg (14 pound)

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