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Economic sizes


We offer you a customized telescope as you want. But although we offer here special prices for our most sold telescopes.
That are tubes for your old scope. With this tubes you can upgrade rapidly your metal tube and use all your old parts. This offerd tubes are ready outside painted but they need the holes and they need a inside painture. If you not a DIY-man or woman we can make an offer for this steps or you can buy a ready tube at Telescope Service Ransburg
Else you can save some money and build your own carbon newton.
We offer tubes for Skywatcher, GSO, Orion UK and similar like Orion USA, Altec.....

Price include 19% german VAT. You can take it off if you are outside the EU

8" f4  Mirror diameter 200mm  focal length 800mm     tube length 680-750mm     Price  250 Euro
8" f4,5 Mirror diameter 200mm  focal length 900mm   tube length 850mm     Price  270 Euro
8" f5  Mirror diameter 200mm  focal length 1000mm   tube length 680-750mm     Price  320 Euro

10" f4  Mirror diameter
250mm  focal length 1000mm   tube length 890-950mm     Price  410 Euro
10" f4,8-f5  
Mirror diameter 250mm  focal length 1200-1250mm   tube length 1100-1200mm     Price  475 Euro

For DIY Newtons:

hardfoam cored tube  300 / 1000mm for   10" f4   7mm wall thickness  Price 425 euro
hardfoam cored tube  300 / 1200mm for   10" f5   7mm wall thickenss  Price  495 euro

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