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Solid carbon without core


The solid walled carbon tube is first choice for upgrading existing telescopes with no additional parts to buy new. The wall thicknesses is between 1.5 and 3mm So, the steel / aluminum tubes that typically have a thickness of 0.5 to 1 mm can be replaced without the outside is too big so that no longer fit the clamps, or the inward is too small so that the Main mirror cell does not fit into the tube.
These tubes are indeed much more stable than their steel and Alu pendants, but they do not offer without reinforcing the strength of the core layer models, so it is advisable in any case to use the end rings of the old tubes. The fibers are positioned so that the forces are directed to this rings and there is a very light and stable overall construction.
Compared withthe steel tubes from GSO, Skywatcher etc. you save about 50% weight by increasing thestiffness. Compared with Orion UK aluminum tubes you save no weight, but you have the same weight as in the beginning, however, significantly increased stability so that the tube is then good usable for astro photographs.

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