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scope building

DIY hints and tipps

If you plan to build your own tube you can contact me, maybe i can help you.

Normally it is to possible to make a good laminate without a vacuum pump, please don´t use your vacuum cleaner. The vacuum should be a bit higher then athat and you will need minimum 8 hours of vacuum,  if you have a good cleaner he will smoke away after half an hour in vacuuum...
PVC tubes and other tubes for house and street building are mostly not very round. Much better working are paper tubes and it is much easier to cut them out later.
PE tubes with wax may be used more times but it is most times not easy to get the laminate out later.

If you want to use paper forms it is best to paint them 1-2 times with epoxy resin after hardening you can sand and wax them. Then it is normaly no problem to get the tube out but always with destroying the mould.

Ify you plan to build a tube contact me with your plans and i will give you some mor hints.

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